We created our deodorant with the idea to work with with the body,
Not to seal the pores and interfere with its natural process.
Therefore you will not find in our deodorant aluminum which may create an accumulation of toxins. You will not find synthetic fregrans, preservatives - that really are not needed.


Natural deodorant creates an environment so the bacterias can't reproduce in it.
We use essential oils to create a pleasant and natural scent and to suppress the bad smell bacteria.


When you start using natural deodorant, its take about a week till you feel it works.


Ingredients: vitis vinifera (grape seed oil), butyrospermum parkii (shea butter), cocos nusifera (cocounat oil), sodium bicorbonate, zea mays sunflower oil, hydrogenated, olive oil,sterylesters ,citrus granfis peel (grapfruit oil), citrus aurantifulia (lime oil), eucalypyus radiata leaf, citrus limonium (lemon oil).

Size: 60ml

* There are few people who are sensitive to baking soda, it is worth checking at first to try the deodorant on a small area for security,
If there is sensitivity by reddish skin impressions, discontinue use of the product and the condition will go away.

Organic Deodorant- Lime and Eucalyptus

SKU: EG042