Luffah Cylindrica Seeds, packet of 10 seeds


Grow your own luffahs, use as sponges / scrubs for bathing, washing dishes, scrubbing/ cleaning surfaces.

Luffas like full sun and a well-drained but moist soil, enriched with plenty of compost or well-rotted manure. They are grown like a winter squash or hard-shelled gourd and their long (30 feet isn’t unusual) vigorous vines need lots of room to roam or a sturdy trellis to clamber over.


Luffas need a long season to ripen (150 to 200 warm days) so in more northern areas of the country most gardeners start seeds in 5- or 6-inch pots inside a few weeks before planting time and then transplant them outdoors once the weather is warm and settled.

Sowing Temperature: 18-25℃ Growing Temperature :18-36℃

Growth time/Flower days: 80 days



Luffah Seeds

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