This beautiful deluxe gift set includes a supurb bottle of organic wine from the Golan Heights, Nov boutique winery. You have a choice of white or red wine. It comes with a selection of gourmet treats, assorted salted nuts, chocolate covered nuts, chocolate covered raisins and assorted dried fruits.


The red wine: Nova, 68% petit verdot, 17,% Cabernet Sauvignon, 15% Cabernet Franc. A superb dark organic red wine with notes of plum, blackberry, cassis, cuir, wet earth , perfect pairing with roast beef, smoked meats. Kosher

The white wine: This wine is made from the Roussanne white wine grape to create a flowery fragrant, fruity dry white wine of excellence. It is a rich wine due to the warmer summer of the Golan heights, with honey and pear tones. Excellent with cheeses, fish, smoked salmon. Serve chilled.


All of the contents of the gift set, the wine and the gourmet treats are kosher.  All products are kosher for Pesach from 4 weeks before Pesach. 



Deluxe Organic Wine Gift Set

SKU: EG058