Yurt living during cold winter days

This week has been particularly cold and tomorrow the temperatures are supposed to drop to about 1 degrees Celsius. That is cold for Israel! So let me tell you a little bit about yurt living in Israel in the winter. We are basically living in a tent, although a very cozy, warm, big round tent.

We built our yurt about 6 years ago and planned to use it as a guest house. As the family grew we needed the extra space and joined our yurt to the house by building a hallway from the back of the house. Now the yurt is our bedroom. We love being close to nature and one of the major benefits to living in a yurt is just that, being close to nature yet very safe and protected from the elements. We can lie in bed and look at the stars on a clear night and we hear the birds tweeting in the morning, just like camping.

We use air conditioning to warm up the yurt, it warms up quickly and in the summer it cools down quickly. In the winter when the days are sunny, we don't even need the a/c at all but when temperatures drop at night, it is certainly necessary.

We have found so far one downside to living in a yurt and that is the lack of sound proofing, the rain is very loud and the sound of the wind can be even worse. Not to mention the limited sound proofing from our side outwards. Our kids aren't exactly the calm, quiet types, especially the little ones in the morning. Thankfully our neighbors have been very kind and have never complained about the noise.

All in all it's a unique living space. The round room is wonderful and good for air flow and I believe having no corners really gives good energy to the space. The kids seem to be drawn to the room like magnets and to my husband and I it is our favorite place for our morning coffee and our evening tea .😉

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