Be Good (ביגוד), our local second hand shop in the Golan Heights, Israel

Updated: Nov 18, 2019

I wanted to share my shopping experince with you at our local second hand shop, Be good. It's a small second hand clothing store run by a sweet lady called Iris. There is a large collection of clothing, mostly for women but also for men and kids. The store is very well organized and the prices range between 5-15 shekels per item. The entrance to the shop looks like a shabby chic store front with plants and a sitting area with a few shelves of books and shoes. It's impossible to leave the place empty handed.

The wonderful thing about shopping second hand is that it is great for the environment. Every year, more than 80 billion articles of clothing are thrown away and sold around the world. That means that every year, billions of used articles of clothing are thrown away to make room for the new ones. This is an unfortunate waste of valuable resources.

Another big advantage is that you save a lot of money! So win win! There are plenty of great second hand shops in Israel. I'll be visiting more of them soon, so stay tuned to get more feedback.

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