Ifat Oz Sinai- The creator of Aluma, Natural Skincare

Updated: Dec 16, 2019

Today I am introducing to you the creator of the Natural Skincare brand, Aluma. She is our guest blogger and has shared her story with us.

Hello :) My name is Yifat Oz Sinai, a certified reflexologist and aromatherapist, living in Bnei Yehuda in the wild nature of the southern Golan Heights. I have been in the field of natural pharmacy for about 7 years, a journey of experimentation and exploration of different raw materials and their specificities - the medicinal plants, the carrier oils, the world of healing essential oils and their effects on us. My product line was built with thought and reference to the changing seasons and conditions that affect our bodies and our spirit. While providing a natural response to the various cultivation needs. All my products are created with fresh natural ingredients. I choose delicate floral uplifting scents.

Please feel free to browse our shop to see all of Ifats wonderful (tried and tested!) products, Aluma.

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