20 fun ways to upcycle fabrics

The clothing industry is huge and has a big impact on our environment. Initially from fabric production but the biggest issue is that most textiles are eventually thrown away and end up in landfills, some after being used only a few times. There are several ways we can recycle fabrics. We can donate our clothes to people in need or we can upcycle fabrics to create items that we need or can use in so many ways. Here are some of my favourite fabric upcycle projects:

1. Fabric Jewelry. Braided necklaces, bracelets or earrings

2. Rag rugs

3. T-shirt tote bags

4. Patchwork pillow cases or blankets

5. Book/ journal covers

6. Soft toys such as snakes, owls , cats (here is the link to the owl tutorial)

7. Challah covers (using fabric pens or paint you can create beautiful Challah covers)

8. Scrunchies, hairbands, hair bows, fabric rose hair clips

9. Macrame plant hangers diy tutorial:

10. Hot pads

11. Beeswax wraps and sandwich bags

12. Garlands

13. Fabric wrapped Jars

14. Keychains

15. Aprons

16. Wall art, cover a canvas with awsome t-shirt prints

17. Napkin holders

18. Face Masks

19. Infinity scarfs

20. Pencil case/ pouch

If none of the above upcycle projects work for you, you can always just cut up your old worn out t-shirts and use them as kitchen rags. It's better then buying paper towels and other rags.

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